For those people who wasn’t able to make it during the initial CBT registration, K.O.S. fans can now sign up and play the game!. Yes, the registration page is available once again

As promised to those who wasn’t able to make it during the initial CBT registration, you can now sign up for CBT account and play K.O.S. this holidays!

To register an account please click here: http://kos.levelupga…ph/register.php

You may download K.O.S.: Secret Operations game client at the ff links:

ftp://ftp.levelupgam… (direct download)

ftp://torrent.levelu… (torrent)

Closed Beta testing will run for a couple of weeks. During this stage, bugs and glitches may occur, so we ask all testers to be keen in reporting any bugs or problems in game play so we can forward it to the developers and fix it asap. To do this right, please CLICK HERE for the closed beta test plan. Testers who can submit critical bugs will receive an exclusive reward from the K.O.S. team.

Merry Christmas guys 😀

via K.O.S Boards

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