I just discovered Meme this afternoon after my friend plurk about this. I think this thing works like twitter or tumblr. You can also visit meme using your phone. Anyway, just visit http://meme.yahoo.com to know more about it

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About Meme,from Yahoo!

What is Meme?

“Meme is where you share everything you find that’s interesting”.

We have some ideas about better ways to do this than what we see in other sites and would love to get your inputs if we’re on the right track.

Meme is fresh out of the oven and we’re just getting started with what we intend to do. However, we have a few goals to help keep us on track:

  • – Things have to be quick, easy and simple to do

  • – You should be able to share whatever kind of content you publish or find in the web

  • – Your posts should get around without you having to be a part of any specific social network

  • – You keep the credit for your discoveries and creations

  • – You should easily find what’s drawing everyone else’s attention

We know there’s still a lot to be done before we’re all aces and we want you to help us get there.

How can you help us make Meme even better?

  • – Use it, a lot

  • – Let us know if you find anything odd or complicated

  • – Complain about problems you encounter! We’ll do our best to fix them

  • – Send us your suggestions on how we can improve the product

  • All of this you can do through our feedback form, here.

What does Meme mean?

A “meme” is commonly known in the web as some kind of content that spreads fast and draws everyone’s attention.

The term itself was created by Richard Dawkins and published in his book “The Selfish Gene” in 1976. It refers to a specific fragment of culture or behavior that’s multiplied between individuals, similarly to what happens with genes in the field of biology.

We’ve obviously used the name in a free interpretation of it’s original scientific meaning, however the essence of the idea remains the same.

Meme from Yahoo! hopes to be an efficient “memeplex”. In other words, somewhere to multiply and distribute fragments of information. These fragments, or “memes”, travel from one person to another and survive through their own merits or circumstances. They evolve, suffer mutations and some may even get to be very famous.

Memes have always run loose through the internet, surviving all kinds of hazards: heavy rain, unstable internet connections, heat waves or packed inboxes. We hope that here they will find a warm environment where they can live and reproduce freely.

Via Meme

Visit Meme

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