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Momax iPower Go 8800 mAh Review

Smartphones these days would really require you to have a charger or a power bank. Why? Because most of the smartphones that we have right now doesn’t last up to a day. Actually, if your 3G is always on. I bet you always have a charger on your bag or your smartphone’s juice isn’t enough for the day. That’s what the Power banks are for. Thankfully, I got a Momax iPower Go 8800 mAh. It’s a young-looking power bank but it has some big serious juices inside. Why don’t you check out my review after the break.

The Momax iPower Go 8800 mAh comes in a very simple, small and neat package. The package has the power bank, manuals, and 2 USB to Micro-USB. One is a longer cord while the other is just a short one. Both of them are white so if you’re not very mindful of these cords then expect those dirts will stick in it.

The Momax iPower Go 8800 mAh has a stylish and young-looking design. It looks like a mini suitcase because of those embossed stripes. The Momax iPower Go 8800 mAh feels young too because of its vivid color. The case is made out of plastic but I can feel that it’s solid and pretty sturdy. It would have been better if they choose an Aluminum body but of course, that would make the power bank heavier and more expensive. I doubt that it will be comfortable on your pocket. It is best to just put it in your bag.

The sides of the power bank feels like it is made up of rubber. It’s actually solid and not that soft and I’m very confident that the Power bank won’t slip easily on your hand. The Momax iPower Go 8800 mAh has 4 LED notifications just beside the Momax logo. Obviously, that tells you the current charge of the power bank. There’s a LED torch too if your flashlight goes missing.

The Momax iPower Go 8800 mAh comes with two outputs. One is 1A while the other one is 2.1A. To give you a less technical perspective, the 1A USB slot transfer less power than the 2.1A. It is recommended to use the 1A slot when you want to charge your smartphone because most smartphones only need 1A of current while the 2.1A are recommended for tablets. But of course, you could still charge your smartphone on the 2.1A but you should be aware that charging on the 2.1A might damage the smartphone.

I love using the Momax iPower Go 8800 mAh because I can charge my Cherry Mobile Cosmos X and my Nexus 7 2013 simultaneously. Yes, the Power bank can have an output of 3.1A. Since this Power bank has a 8800 mAh capacity, I was able to fully charged my phone four times before the Momax cried for juice. It took me around 2 hours before I was able to fully charged my Cosmos X. To give you an idea, my Cosmos X has a battery capacity of 1800 mAh. It took me almost 5-6 hours before I fully charged the power bank. I always charge the power bank before I go to sleep hehe.


There are a lot of Power banks that are available in the market but there are some things that sets this Power Bank apart like its design with its vivid colors and the capacity to output a total of 3.1A from 1A and 2.1A outputs. If you want one right now then better visit the nearest Beyond the Box and Digital Walker retail stores. It’s available right now at at those mentioned stores for P2,950 and it comes in Red, Cyan, Blue and Yellow. It’s a good power bank. Trust me ;).

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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