After all, “it’s not technology; it’s what you do with it.”

Do I want a Nokia C7 for Christmas?, hell yes!. Oh when they ask questions like this, I remember the day I bought my cellphone that I’m using right now (Sammy’s flagship phone 2 years ago) and I hate that day!. Why?, because I didn’t choose a Symbian phone. Yes, I still prefer a Symbian phone even a lot of people love to hate the Symbian OS.

Why do I find Symbian OS still cool?, well there are a lot of reasons why I like it, anyway the question is why do I deserve to get that phone and not about how cool Symbian is. Well, here are the reasons:

Nokia C7-00 is Sexy
Whenever I look at Nokia C7, I remember Nokia E66, a slider phone which was my dad’s phone 2 years ago, unfortunately he lost it at the LRT station. I love the stainless steel design of Nokia E66 back then. And now, Nokia C7, made up of polished stainless steel and glass plus those curves!. I just love to have this phone!

8 Megapixel + HD video recording at 720p = Awesome
I can’t live without a camera phone because almost everyday at school I use it to shot the notes on the white board, Yes, I am too lazy to copy the notes written on the board and I can fully understand the lesson when I’m not copying the notes. The problems that I’m encountering is when the shot was too grainy, blurred or being out of focus. Fortunately, 8 megapixel full focus camera is present on Nokia C7. No shooting lag, greater depth of field & a lot more. A camera phone that I just need. I love capturing videos too, especially when I’m with my friends. One of my problems with my current phone is that the videos are too grainy at low light and it can only handle 15 fps and it is NOT in HD. Watching those videos on a HDTV in HD will be awesome.

Social Networking is sweet
We are now living on a Social Networking age. The generation where some people need to be connected on Facebook or twitter all the time 24/7 and  I am one of those people who is tweeting and checking out Facebook every hour and sometimes every 10 minutes. And Nokia C7 can get me connected all the time because Wi-Fi and HSDPA is both present and with social networking integration on the home screen, I can easily access my SNS.

Apps and games on OVI
OVI store, the place where we can get the latest applications and games for Nokia. One of the things I like on this phone is the availability of hundreds or even thousands of applications for Symbian^3. There are also podcasts (yey!, a podcast!) that can be downloaded on the store too, so I don’t need to watch TV for the latest news (which I always need for school).

Nokia C7 is just the smartphone that I really need. If I won this contest I will immediately give the readers an unboxing video followed by a review since this is a games and gadgets blog.

I just had my birthday last December 8, so it will be great if Nokia can give me this phone as a birthday and Christmas gift LOL.


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