It’s been a week since I borrowed the Nokia E6. Nokia E6 is a QWERTY Symbian Anna smartphone from Nokia that features a 2.46 AMOLED with 640 x 480 touch screen equipped with Gorilla Glass. The Stainless steel panels made the phone solid and of course heavy.

So here are the things that I noticed about the phone

  • The stainless steel panel makes the phone feels solid
  • The AMOLED has a good sunlight legibility
  • The screen has high pixel density. I felt that the phone’s screen is small but I was still able to play fruit ninja
  • The 8 Megapixel EDoF camera is nice when shooting landscapes and objects faraway but not text documents or object near the camera
  • The 1500 mah battery can be removed compared to Nokia X7 non-removable battery
  • Some pesky bugs and the things that plague Symbian Anna are in the Nokia E6
  • The music player looks nice and the speaker is good but not excellent
  • It uses Symbian Anna. The widgets in the homescreen and the buttons are the same in the Nokia X7, they just got smaller
  • The 4 buttons are shortcut for email, calendar, contacts and the menu button
  • I easily get used to the QWERTY but I felt that the HTC Chacha’s keyboard is better than this one.
  • The touch screen makes it easier to navigate
  • Multi touch is responsive…..sometimes
  • I like the slider button which unlocks/locks the cellphone 
  • The usb connector slot is different from the charger slot. But you can charge in either way
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