I know it’s a bit late, but hey better late than never! Anyway, if you still remember I borrowed a Nokia E6 from WOM World Nokia (Now called as Nokia Connects). Nokia E6 is the successor of the Nokia E72. Both feature a QWERTY keyboard but Nokia E6 is equipped with a capacitive touch screen and it is ran by Symbian Anna, the OS that was used on the new Symbian devices such as the Nokia X7, which I reviewed a few months ago.

Body, Camera and Construction
Nokia E6 is the QWERTY brother of the Nokia X7. It has the same specifications of the Nokia X7 except that this one has a smaller screen capacitive screen and a QWERTY keyboard. While the Nokia X7 focus on multimedia and games, this phone means business.

Stainless steel body
Like I told you earlier, this is the brother of the Nokia X7. Nokia E6 features a solid body just like the X7. It has a Symbian Anna OS. Yeah, there are home screen widgets too but they are limited 3 widgets per home screen but you can choose from 5 home screens compared to 3 home screens with 5 widgets each of Nokia X7.
The 2.46 capacitive touch screen of the Nokia E6 is a bit small for me but you can play Fruit Ninja on it. I even got a score of 997 on arcade. That’s the best I’ve had on Fruit Ninja so far. But hey, the screen is still small but it is so gorgeous thanks to the high ppi of the screen. As for the battery, yes you can remove it by just removing the stainless steel back cover then boom. You can now replace the 1500 mah battery.
There are 4 dedicated keys on the Nokia E6, the home, calendar, contacts and the mail button. I rarely use those buttons because I am fond of using the capacitive touch screen of the E6.  And again, just like the Nokia X7, the AMOLED Clear black display of the Nokia E6 didn’t fail me. The Nokia E6’s TFT LCD was great (Thanks Alex of The Technoclast for pointing that out). Look how the Super Clear LCD of the Samsung Galaxy SL fared with the Nokia E6, I even thought it was using a AMOLED Display:

Galaxy SL versus E6
Use it as a mobile router
The camera, well, just like the X7 it has an EDoF 8 Megapixel camera. The camera is great when shooting objects at a distance but it sucks big time when you shoot objects near you like text documents. Here are some sample images of the Nokia E6:

At low light

The puppies are so cute!
Puppies not poops
As you can see. The camera focused on the object far away from it
University of Santo Tomas, oldest university in Asia
yeaaaah at low light
low light again!
It was a cloudy day
At Fort Bonifacio High street
Yeah, my blog’s URL at Blogapalooza
EDoF camera = Not good at objects near you
EDoF camera = Great for shooting at a distance
While here’s a HD video sample of the Nokia E6

Here we go again, Symbian
Just like any other Symbian phones, Nokia E6 experienced some crashes and slowdowns. Especially when this notification pops out:

That notification pops out whenever I choose the “Wifi only” on the preferred network data to use. Yeah, whenever it appears it slowdowns the phone, sometimes it crash. Anyway, if you used Symbian Anna before, this phone won’t be a headache for you. Apps were not so plenty compared to the other touch screen smartphones of Nokia maybe because of the screen resolution, 640 x 480. Other Symbian^3 phones uses 360 x 640 resolution AKA nHD. There are plenty of applications inside this phone like Quickoffice and Social.
Fruit Ninja!

Hurray! I’m addicted to it

In 2 weeks, the Nokia E6 and I had a love-hate relationship. When I received the phone, I loved the hardware. The QWERTY keyboard is so sweet, for the first time since I bought a touch screen phone, I loved the QWERTY keyboard again. You’ll also love the solid and stainless steel body of this phone (Yeah, Nokia is known for making solid and great bodies of cellphones). The downside of this phone, once again, is the operating system. Symbian Anna always crashed whenever I used it. And just like what I told you about the Nokia X7, Symbian Anna still lags behind the iOS and Android. If you are looking for its Android counterpart, HTC has one, the HTC Chacha. Both features a touch screen but the HTC ChaCha is powered by Android and has a shortcut for facebook with its Facebook button just below the QWERTY keyboard. While for Blackbery, they have the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900, which is very expensive right now. Anyway, you can get this Nokia E6 for PHP11,800 only atWidget City.
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