Nokia Windows Phone 7 Concept

Nokia and Microsoft recently announced their long-term partnership and many people disagree with it and they said that they should’ve pick Android than Windows Phone 7.  But people didn’t realize that Windows Phone 7 is a great OS too and Elop had made a right decision by jumping out of the burning platform

When I heard the rumor that Nokia is looking for another OS, the first thing that came to my mind is that Nokia will choose Windows Phone 7, why? because Stephen Elop came from Microsoft so he knows a lot of things about it and there are a lot of reasons why Stephen chooses Steven. Who’s steven?, he’s Ballmer, the current CEO of Microsoft. 
Google Android OS is too much crowded in the Mobile Industry. So why not choose another OS that can compete the iOS and Android?. Windows Phone 7 is a great OS why?, let me give you some reasons why WP7 is great:

1. It is simpler to use than the aging Symbian and the upcoming MeeGo. Thanks to WP7’s Livetiles
2.  With Xbox Live on your handset, it can take gaming to the next level
3. Documents you to review and office work you want to edit? worry no more, Office Mobile is included in every Windows Phone 7
4. There are a lot of reasons why you should love WP7

So is Nokia-Microsoft partnership good?, well my answer is yes. Microsoft made a great OS (which I think needs more time to mature).  Let’s hope that we can see that Nokia Windows Phone soon enough,

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