I don’t have a Nokia N8 but after seeing all the features the Nokia N8 has. I think this one should be my next cellphone. Here are my reasons why you should buy Nokia’s flagship phone

Reason #1: It is a 12 megapixel monster – Few years ago, colored cellphones with cameras are so expensive, It is so rare to see cellphones with 2 megapixel cameras but now, Nokia N8 offers us a 12 megapixel camera which can do 720p videos. 12 megapixel, xenon flash & 720p videos — Is that even a cellphone?.  hell yeah, It can even make a movie-quality film like this one starring Slumdog millionaire’s Dev patel in The commuter. All of the videos was shot using a Nokia N8, not a SLR camera or camcorder but a cellphone, a Nokia N8

Reason # 2: Nokia N8 is f faster than ever – a lot of people are complaining to Nokia cellphones has a crappy processor which has 434 MHz. But Nokia N8 offers a different hardware, it has a 680 MHz processor and has a graphics chip on it so expect cool 3D games on Symbian^3

Reason # 3: Home Screen – You can now customize and choose between 3 home screens just like in Android but for me, I like the Symbian^3’s homescreen

Reason # 4: Pinch it! – Nokia now offers a multi-touch on its device. You could even use pinch to zoom in the photo browser and expect more cool games on Symbian^3 thanks to multitouch

Reason # 5: It’s AMOLED & capacitive – Not TFT LCD, not LED & not even an OLED screen but an AMOLED screen. We all know that it’s better than those 3 but some screens are still better than AMOLED which are Samsung’s Super AMOLED and iPhone 4’s Retina Display. Fortunately, They didn’t use resistive anymore since most Symbian^1 phones used resistive.

Reason # 6: Multimedia powerhouse – Why is it a Multimedia powerhouse?, well this phone has HDMI-out and as I told you earlier it can even record 720p videos oh and this phone support Dolby 5.1.

Oh this one can replace your computers in your movie house, check out this video too. They made the largest cinema screen. Guess that they used? A macbook? netbook?, well they just use a Nokia N8, pretty amazing huh?

Reason # 7: 3D games on the Go! – A lot of games are now being offered on Symbian^3 and Gameloft even released some of them recently. Android & iOS has more games than Symbian but this is just the start so expect more!.

Gameloft also released some of my favorite games for Nokia including Hero of sparta and Asphalt. Here are some other games that you can play on your N8

Aside from those games there are Need for speed: shift, Guitar rock tour & GT motor racing academy

Reason # 8 – OVI services – OVI store must be the most popular OVI Services. OVI Store act just like Apple’s Appstore except that Appstore has more apps than OVI. But OVI store offers a lot of apps and games too. There are also other services like OVI maps just like google maps, OVI contacts which backup your contacts and OVI mail, stay in touch with mobile mail. You can even make your own app using http://oviappwizard.com/ . Check out my app too! just click the JAM Online app on the sidebar

Reason # 9 – Don’t be stupid, It’s obviously a pocket computer – This phone has a browser that supports flash, yes, Flash, The one that Apple hates. This is not the first phone to support USB on the go but can you imagine plugging in your iPad on a Nokia N8?. weird huh?

I love to hear your comments about Nokia N8 whether it is positive or negative.

Hopefully, Nokia Philippines can send me a unit just for review (oohh please, just give me one for review LOL). BTW, Nokia N8 has a price tag of P23,699.00 or just P24k which is a great alternative to iPhone which is more expensive.

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