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Oojeema: Smart cloud-based online accounting system

Do you have a business and you’re worried of your taxes? Then here’s a web service brought to you by Cid Systems. Oojeema Online Account System is a smart cloud-based service for tax computation, finance management, inventory tracking which is a very helpful tool for MSMEs.

Most entrepreneurs can’t afford business software that can help them in their businesses but with Oojeema, they can have access to a very reliable accounting system that will help them automate various internal business processes.

With Oojeema, you could create and invoices, add inventory item and generate profit and loss statements anytime, Record all purchases in the system, check out how much tax you’ll pay and many more. Basically, Oojeema is a great service if you have a small business and one thing that you’ll like in it is that it’s working on the most popular browsers.

You can register to Oojeema for a free account which will enable you to enlist unlimited users, 5 invoices, 20 bank reconciliations and BIR Forms 1601E, 2551M, 2550 M/Q, and 2307 but if you want more access, you could opt for the paid account which is just P800/month. Check it out below.

To know more about Oojeema, check them out at

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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