We recently visited OPPO’s large-scale data center, the OPPO AndesBrain (Binhaiwan Bay) IDC. They’ve created a large data center in response to the growing demand for data storage, AI, and high-performance computing.

The data center began construction in January 2020. It was designed to facilitate large-scale data processing and support OPPO’s hardware and software engineering. With hundreds of millions of ColorOS monthly active users worldwide, the data center provides the necessary computing power and bandwidth. Some of the processes that were done here helps in their cloud and also in their app store.


The data center also performs AI tasks and develops AI solutions which is getting more essential these days in where is growing day by day. This provides strong computing power, enabling OPPO to develop and create more innovative products.

The OPPO AndesBrain (Binhaiwan Bay) IDC showcases the company’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions by integrating infrastructure and business innovations. The data center uses a rainwater harvesting system for cooling circulation and has adopted immersion cooling instead of air cooling for high-performance GPU server clusters.

We’ve also had a close look at their server rooms and we were amaze to see their air-cooled servers and also their more efficient water-cooled servers. They were able to optimized the hot air that is being pushed from the powerful servers to have a more efficient and greener energy in their data center.


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