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Palit Battlefield 4 Cup Asia Winner


Palit showcased their newest line-up of video cards for PCs. And yes, they showed us its features and prowess. One of the features that I liked in the Nvidia video card was Shadowplay. No, Shadowplay isn’t a game. Shadowplay allows screen recording while you’re playing a game but unlike other applications, Shadowplay doesn’t demand too much resources from the PC. Which means, it will only require a pinch of power so you’ll have a smoother frame rates while you’re playing. Anyway, we were at Max Jupiter restaurant for the winner announcement of the Philippine team of Palit Battlefield 4 Cup Asia. The members of the POGI Gaming were Paolo Trinilla, Derek Leroy, Earl Siegfried, JC Nieva and Oliver Rodelas. Congrats guys!

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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