When it comes to air pollution, Metro Manila is probably the most polluted place in the country. Most city dwellers have this problem and sometimes, you can already feel how air pollution already affects your health. But did you know that air pollution is also present indoors? Wherever you are in the polluted city, you’re not safe from air pollution but thankfully, there are appliances that can purify the air inside your house like the Philips Air Purifier



Basically, the Philips Air Purifier purifies the air inside your home and it filters out the dangerous chemicals that might damage your health. Air Purifier is really great for families who have a family member who are smoking and for families with asthma.


You might have seen a lot of air purifiers before but what are the features that set the Philips Air purifier apart from other air purifiers? Well, some of the features that you might like are Healthy Air Protect Alert. This feature alarms you when the filter is needed to be change and it will automatically stop working after the filter is loaded to prevent problems and damages.


The Philips air purifier also have a three fan-speed that you can adjust for your preference depending your needs and the last feature that is really interesting is the three-step light indicator.  The LED light will be blue if the air is good, purple if it is fair, and red if the air quality is really bad.


If you want to know more about Philips Air Purifiers, head over to www.philips.com.ph.


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