Last November 17, PLDT invited us for their biggest event of the year for SMEs, the PLDT Tech Island at Pico De Loro, Nasugbu, Batangas. Different SMEs and startups were invited in the event and they immerse them in inspiring talks, fun activities and breakout sessions.

The event is focused on SMEs or small medium enterprise. Those inspirational talks by Mr. Paul Pajo and Mr. Gary Whitehill were really helpful to those who are planning to start a business or already running their startup. Mr. Whitehill talk about goals in businesses. We were also asked to write down our goals and of course, to make it happen. While Mr. Paul Pajo taught us how to know expand our networks and to know more other people and create connections.

There were 3 breakout sessions with specific topics and I attended the creative collaboration session. We were shown how Office 365 would help businesses and they offered us some tips how we can be more productive with our startups. The breakout sessions were really interesting and many people were amazed with the features of Office 365 including the flawless video chat and office collaboration.

After the breakout session, we headed to the beach and there were unlimited food and drinks. There were a lot of devices that were raffled off in the event too! If you’re interested in joining the PLDT Tech Island for SMEs, Don’t worry! PLDT Tech Island event is an annual event. You can check out the event photos at and if you’re interested, I highly recommend you guys to join their mailing list and visit their Facebook page & Twitter.


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