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Pre-order a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 + Gear S at Smart!

If you’re craving for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, then better get your eyes on Smart because they’ll be offering the newest flagship smartphone of Samsung along with their smartwatch with a curved display, Samsung Gear S. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the latest flagship smartphone of Samsung and it packs some cool features like the metallic sides, Quad HD display, enhanced S Pen, better camera and many more. 

Unfortunately, Smart didn’t provide which is the most affordable plan will they be offering the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but if you’re on Smart Infinity, you could get the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 + Samsung Gear S at Plan 3500. If you want to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 + Gear S, head over to this page but if you want to sign-up for the pre-order of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 only then go to this page.
Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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