realme, is eyeing again on having a major change with their camera with the upcoming realme 12 Pro Series. realme has just confirmed that the upcoming realme 12 Pro Series will come with a periscope telephoto lens and also a design inspired by a luxury watch

A flagship-level periscope telephoto lens for younger consumers

Realme Pro Series

realme conducted a research and it revealed a growing preference among young users for telephoto lenses with 3X zoom or higher. Normally, these features are reserved for flagship handsets. This time, the company has found a formula for the realme 12 Pro Series, as it copy the realme GT5’s telephoto performance.

Best Periscope in the Segment

Night shot clarity and stability are prioritized with the realme 12 Pro series. The smartphone series will come with a prism tilt OIS, Sub-Wavelength Structure Coating, and a Wave Pattern Lens Shade. The realme 12 Pro Series offers up to 120X digital zoom and a dedicated 3X Portrait Mode with a 71mm golden focal length for a better bokeh portraits.

There will be a OV64B sensor, which is twice the size of the iPhone 15 Pro’s telephoto sensor and it is nearly three times more light-sensitive thanks to its larger aperture and light intake. This translates to a better low-light performance.

Lossless Zoom and Flagship Algorithm

Realme Pro x Zoom

The main camera, a Sony IMX890 with OIS is paired with the periscope telephoto and ultra-wide-angle camera, the realme 12 Pro Series delivers lossless zoom at 0.6x, 1x, 2x, 3x, and 5x, rivalling flagship experiences.

The realme 12 Pro Series, in collaboration with Qualcomm, boasts the MasterShot Algorithm. This flagship-level architecture processes RAW domains for cinematic portraits, employing the LightFusion Engine for enhanced clarity and the NightEye Engine for superior low-light photography. Unique movie portrait filters add another layer of creative control.

Luxury Watch Design by a Master

Realme Pro Series Flagship Periscope Specs

realme took a bold step, partnering with internationally renowned luxury watch designer Ollivier Savéo, to elevate the 12 Pro Series beyond its technology. Savéo, whose expertise graces brands like Rolex and Piaget.

The Golden Fluted Bezel features 300 meticulously crafted metal lines, mimicking the textures and design of luxury watches.  The realme 12 Pro Series is expected to have the Polished Sunburst Dial that showcases a mesmerizing blend of light and shadow. It also has a premium Vegan Leather offers a silky feel and dirt resistance, while the 3D Jubilee Bracelet adds a touch of elegance.


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