ROHAN Philippines, The most anticipated MMORPG in 2009 will be holding its close beta this year. And I predict that the close beta will start on February, Well I hope that it will be release soon

Well many people are looking for a close beta account for the upcoming ROHAN online Philippines and I’am one of those people who are looking too. Anyway, it is still obvious that there is no available close beta account but of course once the ROHAN Philippines is release here Level up games! will now give away some accounts.

Some of my friends in plurk are already playing ROHAN but not Philippine server but they play at the international server and they find it cool. And I guess this game will the e-games’ CABAL Online.

But I’ve been looking for updates for the game Emil Chronicle Online but again, it is a failure. Even the English site is not yet updated like what I said in my previous post. Well, ROHAN is still not released so I want the ROHAN to be release first.



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