I just found this out at RF online website. What do you think guys?. What will it be?. Hmmm I don’t have any clues around here. Hmmm

More after jump

What do you think guys?. Will the next patch come soon?. I hope so. Well it is impossible to have the arms race because they had just remove the registration page. Hmmm. What do you think guys? will it be a event or the next patch will come?


  1. Karakter registration disabled sounds familiar, hey dat’s wat hapened to RF US and yeah it got shutdown after dat.

    Hakers, shuttin’ down a server really now how do dey do dat can anybody tel me how if u can shut down a server man you must be sum kinda super haker! Rily now don’t flater urself no 1 person has the time n money 2 do dat u know?, dey do hav!

    Wel lemme juz ask yah diz hu du u tink wil benefit if RF PH closes a haker?, a duper? right(if u said ryt quit dah academy now you ain’t redy for dah big boys son! and get a desk job instead, if u said wrong wel you juz myt make it to graduation day son!)how you gona sel dem duped items kee-mo-sabe servers always down and if ur a haker wud a haker hak a game he luvs playing to dah point of ruinin’ it you know dey always tel yah 2 see dah big picture in dah academy, so whuz gona benefit RF PHs not by a long shot der dah ones huz gona loose dah most in diz one if dey don’t see wats cumin’ cud CCR hav a hand in diz nah dey wud’nt do dat wud dey oh yeah RF juz went inta comercial beta testing wat a coincidence


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