Some people are not really impressed with Samsung Galaxy S4’s Smart features, TouchWiz UI and S apps. Sometimes, I was really disappointed with TouchWiz on my SGS3 because it makes the phone slower but I really love the Smart features on the phone. Anyway today at Google I/O, Google announced that they’ll be selling the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a stock Android. So what does that mean for the consumers? Well, you’ll still have that Samsung Galaxy S4 but with less of a Samsung. They’ll be removing all the Smart features, Touchwiz and S apps on the device. Basically, this is like a Nexus device. They didn’t announced the full specifications of the phone but I guess, it will still have the same specifications but they didn’t announce which processor that they’ll use for the phone but I guess they’ll be using the Snapdragon version since this one will have LTE for AT&T and T-Mobile. I hope that LTE is available for all regions because if they do, Gray markets might want to sell this one at the Philippines. The SRP of the phone is $649 which roughly estimates at PHP26,000.

Source: Engadget


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