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Samsung Romania ‘unintentionally leaks’ Galaxy Z Flip5 price

Samsung Romania unintentionally revealed the price of the Galaxy Z Flip5 through a promotional campaign offering pre-registration for a chance to win one of 10 devices. In a PDF document containing the terms and conditions of the promotion, the price of the Galaxy Z Flip5 was disclosed, suggesting a substantial price hike compared to its predecessor.

samsung galaxy z flip price romania

Hefty Price Tag Unveiled

According to the leaked document, the Galaxy Z Flip5 with 256GB storage will be available for RON 6,599, which is equivalent to approximately €1,335. Comparatively, the launch price of the previous model, the Z Flip4 with 256GB storage, was RON 5,700, indicating a 16% increase in price for the new iteration.

It is worth noting that different European Union countries have varying value-added tax (VAT) rates, with Romania at 19%, Greece at 24%, and France at 20%. However, there is a significant difference in prices between the leaks. The pre-VAT price indicated in the Romanian leak is €1,120 for the 256GB model, compared to €1,000 based on the leak from France. The leak from Greece suggests a pre-VAT price of €1,050 for the smaller 128GB variant.

Uncertainty and Awaited Confirmations

Although a €70 difference (before VAT) between the 128GB and 256GB models seems plausible, the notably lower French price for the 256GB model raises suspicions. It is essential to await further leaks from local retailers to obtain a more accurate pricing picture. The Galaxy Z Flip5 will go official on July 26. Additionally, the French leak hinted at a larger price increase for the Galaxy Z Fold5 (€100-120), but no information has surfaced from Romania or Greece regarding that model yet.

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