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Samsung Smart dock turns your device into a desktop

Mobile devices such as the Smartphones and the tablets already has the capability to do tasks that can be done on the desktops. They’re getting powerful too that’s why some people are just opting for tablets instead of laptops. So do you want your smartphone to have a desktop experience too for more productivity? Then you might want to buy the Samsung Smart dock for your Galaxy Device. Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note II are the only supported devices. Check out how the Samsung Smart dock can help you increase your productivity after the break.

So what’s up with the Samsung Smartdock? It packs a HDMI out which you can use to connect to your HDTV or HD Monitor. And yes, it can output up to 1080p. There’s 3 full size USB ports too that you can use to connect your mouse, keyboard, external hard disk or even a gamepad for your Android games. If you want to connect your speaker, there’s the 3.5mm audio jack too. Don’t worry about the battery life of your phone because there’s the Micro-USB port. Since you can only use the dock when the device is in upright position, you can download an app that lets you have a landscape mode on the screen even when you’re device isn’t. The Samsung Smart Dock is now available for P3,990.00 at Widget City
Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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