Want to save electricity?. But you love playing games and you use it too much?. Anyway I give you some tips that might help lower your electric bill

1. Replace your CRT monitor with LCD Monitor
CRT Monitor (the big one) consumes more electricity than the LCD monitor. So I suggest that you use LCD monitor

2. Keep the temperature of your computer low – because when the temperature of processor is high it will consume more power.

3. Video cards – Powerful video cards consumes a lot of electricity so less powerful video cards consumes less electricity

4. Quad Core consumes more – Quad core processors consumes a lot of energy compared to the Intel’s Core 2 Duos or AMD X2. Quad core is mainly for multi-tasking and 3D editing and AFAIK, the only games that support quad cores are crysis and grand theft auto IV.

5. Use the battery of your laptop if possible – that means you should use your battery instead of plugging it. It can also prolong the battery of a laptop because you should keep the electrons moving.


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