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Sony unveils PS5 logo and features

2020 is the year when the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony will officially be available to the market and now, Sony has just unveiled the official logo of the Playstation 5 and trust me, it’s very familiar as they’ve been using this one for a while now. Not only that, but Sony has also announced some of the new features that we can expect from the Playstation 5.

First, the Playstation 5’s logo is still the same. Check it out:

Now, let’s talk about the hardware features of the next-generation console. First, this one would have a 3D Audio Sound which will give you a more immersive audio experience on the games that you’re playing. The next one is the haptic/adaptive triggers which will give you better haptic feedback on the shoulder buttons of the controller which is perfect for FPS and driving games. There’s an ultra high-speed SSD too which will give the PS5 very fast loading speeds.

There’s a hardware-based ray tracing too which will give you more realistic graphics and better lighting which is one of the main features of the RTX line of Nvidia graphics. Lastly, there’s the Ultra HD Blu-Ray which means that the console will support 4K.

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