SteelSeries, renowned for its Arctis gaming audio line, introduces the Dragon Arctis Nova 7 series headset, a special edition that pays homage to Chinese and Taiwanese heritage and celebrates the Lunar New Year. Crafted by a collective of designers, the headset features a dragon icon with a modern aesthetic, wrapping around the Chinese character for ‘dragon’ and resting on lucky clouds. The deep red color symbolizes prosperity, complemented by bold gold accents representing wealth. The design extends to hidden elements like the Chinese character for good fortune beneath the dragon on the speaker plates and the dragon scale-shaped headband.

SteelSeries aimed to redefine gaming headphones for the multi-faceted ‘gaming lifestyle.’ The Arctis Nova 7, the result of four years of engineering, promises an elite audio experience. The Nova Acoustic System combines custom-designed high-fidelity speaker drivers for unparalleled sound purity, immersive 360° Spatial Audio, and the Sonar Audio Software Suite with pro-grade parametric EQ for precise sound customization. The wireless headset offers simultaneous audio through 2.4GHz and Bluetooth, supporting various devices like PC, Mac, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, and Android with USB-C.

SteelSeries’ Arctis Nova 7 series is designed for the evolving landscape of the ‘gaming lifestyle. Whether gaming on the go, streaming or engaging in virtual meetings, this headset offers versatility and adaptability. The sleek and stylish design ensures that users can seamlessly transition from gaming setups to more public spaces without compromising on aesthetics. With its blend of cultural symbolism and cutting-edge technology, the Dragon Arctis Nova 7 series not only delivers exceptional audio but also represents a bridge between tradition and innovation in the gaming world.

Communication is prioritized with the ClearCast Gen 2’s AI-powered noise cancellation for crystal-clear comms. The bidirectional mic, inspired by Formula 1 technology, suppresses background noise, ensuring a professional soundscape. It is designed to seamlessly retract into the earcup for a sleek on-the-go look. The Dragon Arctis Nova 7 series embodies SteelSeries’ commitment to merging gaming and culture while providing an immersive audio experience for the diverse scenarios of a ‘gaming lifestyle.’

Steelseries Dragon Arctis Nova 7 Price

The special-edition Dragon Arctis Nova 7 will be available for pre-order in the Philippines from February 1st to February 15th for Php 11,995.


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