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When you’re in Manila, one thing that you’ll hate is the cabs. Yes, you can see a lot of taxis roaming around your place but when you tell them on the place where you want to go, most of them will tell you “Ayoko dyan Traffic”, “Kontrata na lang, <amount> na lang”, “uuwi na ako” and many more. Actually there are a gazillion things why you’ll hate them. And thankfully someone created a simple tool that allows passengers to report a taxi driver in the Philippines. This tool is called, Taxikick. No signup or payment needed. Just report the plate number, violation and the taxi name. Taxikick will email your report to LTFRB and MMDA at the end of the day. Pretty easy huh?. I wish they could have an Android or iPhone app soon. It’s very convenient to use an iPhone app/Android app/Windows phone app/<Input any other OS here> app than visiting the website. Oh and data usage is much lesser too!. Nice work Benedict Aluan! (Saw his name in the meta content, he is the author of the site!)

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