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TCL CoolPro FreshIN 2.0 Inverter Air Conditioner launches in PH

TCL brings its latest innovation, the CoolPro FreshIN 2.0 inverter air conditioner, to the Philippines just in time for the approaching summer season. This advanced cooling system by TCL is designed to offer a comprehensive solution for homes, prioritizing freshness, health, and comfort in indoor environments.

CoolPro FreshIN

Freshness and Health Focus

The TCL CoolPro FreshIN 2.0 inverter air conditioner enhances the freshness and atmosphere within living spaces. It features a Two-way fresh air system that maintains a balanced intake of new air while ensuring consistent temperature levels. This system regulates the flow of new air through its heat exchanger, returning it to the desired temperature, thus preventing temperature fluctuations. The device offers two variations: Internal Air Purification and Fresh Air System.

Efficient Air Filtration and Monitoring

Equipped with QuadruPuri filters, the CoolPro FreshIN 2.0 ensures effective air filtration through four distinct layers, including a preliminary filter, silver ion layer, antibacterial layer, and HEPA high-efficiency, high-density filter. The Visible Air Quality display provides real-time awareness of the current air quality, indicated by a color code system.

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Enhanced Comfort Features

The FreshIN + Function serves as an indoor air purifier, offering four modes—Breathing, Fresh Air, Exhaust, and Purification—to adjust to varying comfort levels. Additionally, the Gentle Breeze mode provides a gentle and natural wind alongside cooling benefits.

Convenient Maintenance and Smart Integration

TCL incorporates a Step Auto Clean feature for easy and efficient maintenance, utilizing water molecules in the air to clean away dust, dirt, and impurities. This process, including drying and sterilizing, ensures cleaner air with minimal effort. Moreover, the air conditioner offers smart integration, allowing remote operation via a dedicated app or basic voice commands. Users can monitor and adjust settings such as real-time fresh air volume, power consumption, and sleep modes through the TCL Home app.

Price and Availability

The TCL CoolPro FreshIN 2.0 inverter air conditioner is available in the Philippines with prices starting at Php50,995 for the 1.0HP variant and Php54,995 for the 1.5HP variant.

Meanwhile, special discounts are offered for purchases made between April 1 and May 31, 2024, with the 1.0HP model discounted to Php25,995 and the 1.5HP model discounted to Php27,999.

However, these discounts are applicable for cash transactions only and are available at all authorized TCL Dealers nationwide.

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