HTC One Gold

Our favorite twitter leaker @evleaks has leaked the next iteration of the next flagship of HTC, the HTC One 2014. The name isn’t final yet and we hopefully, we won’t see this smartphone to be named as the HTC One 2 or whatever. Unlike the previous HTC One, this one would have a more rounded curves but it will still sport a very similar design to the previous generation. Another new new noticeable features of the HTC One 2014 are the gold variant, dual camera, dual LED flash and the on-screen buttons.

I’m not sure why they have 2 cameras on the rear. I guess it won’t be use for 3D, instead, the HTC One 2014 would feature a ground breaking feature for camera. And the Dual LED flash? Notice the amber color? Yeah, just like the iPhone 5s.

I wish they didn’t made the phone more curvy and they just retain their old design. I still prefer that design the this one. Hopefully, we can get more information from our trusted leakers. The HTC One 2014 is expected to be release on March 25. Yep, not on MWC 2014 at Barcelona.


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