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The iPhone 5 is here!: #GlobeiPhone5 vs. #SmartiPhone5

The phone that you’ve been waiting for a very long time is here. Finally. Oh Yeah, after all those teasers and hashtag wars, it’s finally here. The iPhone 5 was just launched both by Smart and Globe recently and fortunately, I have covered both networks even though it happened at two different venues at the same time. And No, I didn’t use a teleport machine to go to the other event. Anyway, check out my coverage after the break

Smart Vs. Globe: The Plans and Pricing of the iPhone 5

Here’s the Smart’s Plans and pricing for the iPhone 5:

While here’s the tablet Globe’s pricing for the iPhone 5:

Both networks offer the iPhone 5 for free at Plan 2499 but Smart’s iPhone 5 at Plan 2499 is 32 GB while the Globe iPhone 5 at Plan 2499 is just at 16 GB. Both networks come with freebies on Plan 2499. If you don’t have enough money for that then just opt for the Plan 999 but of course, there will be a big cash out for that. Both networks have a 24-month lock-in period.

Smart might have the cheaper price but the Globe features Gadget Care, which is kinda like an insurance thing. If you are opting for a Globe iPhone 5 I suggest that you get one because it’ll be a protection from accidental damage, theft or robbery and. Globe also offers some exclusive perks like discounts to some iPhone 5 accessories and free subscription to GCASH AMEX virtual card which you can use on American online stores. If you are still within contract, Globe also offers a reset program and get the iPhone 5 at a discount.

Globe iPhone 5: The launch and the press conference 

Ros and Chuckie

I went to the Globe iPhone 5 launch first at the new Glorietta. There was a tweet-up at Coffee bean hosted by the Ros Juan and Chuckie Dreyfus. They gave away a lot of things including Globe shirts and of course, the Globe iPhone 5 but unfortunately, I didn’t win a Globe iPhone 5. Outside Coffee bean is where the Pamasko ng Globe happened. There were a lot of celebrities including Kris Aquino and a lot more bands like 6 Cycle Mind and Bamboo. 


There’s a countdown but I wasn’t part of it since I went to the Smart iPhone 5 launch. A lot of people came in to watch and there are a lot of people who got lucky because they just got the latest iPhone.

The next day, Globe had a press conference about the iPhone 5 and they revealed their plans and pricing. They also discuss what to expect on the iPhone 5. Unfortunately, there’s no LTE but it will be available soon via software update. Don’t worry about the capping. There’s no capping for LTE just yet. The network modernization is also on the way and it is expected that it’ll be finished by Q1 next year. But do you know what’s the most exciting news about Globe’s LTE? The price of the LTE will just be the same with the 3G one. So yeah. You don’t need to pay additional fees just to experience LTE on your iPhone 5. They also announced that we could also avail 0% installment at 3,6,12 or months for partner credit cards.

Smart iPhone 5: Apples, Celebrities and Resorts World 

I went to Resorts world Manila for the Smart iPhone 5 launch. The event was called “Smart Christmas Midnight Rush” and it was really a big party at the Resorts World Manila. They have booths on where you can apply for iPhone 5 and they also gave away free stuff to those people who were the first owners of the Smart iPhone 5. They also had a raffle for the media and I got a brand new… 

Nokia Asha 202! Not a brand new iPhone 5! haha! Thanks Smart!

The Smart iPhone 5 launch was filled by celebrities including Jam Ancheta (Just kidding!). The guys at Boys Night Out hosted the event and they also gave away a lot of iPhone 5. Jeezez, I declare that day the iPhone 5 day.

As expected, both networks continued their war at Twitter
Image by TechPinas

Which one should I get? 

That is the question. With Smart, you can get a cheaper iPhone 5 but with Globe’s iPhone 5. You could get a lot of freebies. But of course, it will still depend on you guys. Some people might prefer switching but some might stay. Choose on which network you think you will be happy. Don’t worry, both networks doesn’t have LTE on the iPhone 5 yet. if you want to know more about their iPhones just check out the links below:
Globe’s iPhone 5

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