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Ticket to amazing: Helicopter ride with the Nokia Lumia 610

The blue Nokia Lumia 610

Today was one of my amazing day in my life because today, I got a chance to rode a helicopter along with the Nokia Lumia 610. Yes folks, I was one of the lucky bloggers who got a chance to rode a helicopter. I also tried the Nokia Lumia 610 and its features this morning. Check it out after the break. Aside from that, our friends at Nokia also announced what will happen on the 18th of May!

On May 18 finally, the Filipinos will get their hands-on on the Nokia Lumia 900 soon because Nokia Philippines will be launching that phone on that day. No specific details about what surprises that may come but I guess that the event will be big.

So let’s get back to the Nokia Lumia 610. The Nokia Lumia 610 is the entry level Windows phone offering of Nokia and we, Filipinos were the first one to get the Nokia Lumia 610 around the globe. Anyway, here are the things that I noticed about the Nokia Lumia 610.

  • It looks good and it doesn’t look like an entry level phone
  • The screen has 65k colors but I barely notice that
  • It has 800 mhz processor but it is still fast and fluid
  • It doesn’t have Xbox live. Only games hub
  • The internet explorer is still fluid. Didn’t experienced any lags
  • And yes, there will be internet sharing on the phone
  •  Personally I didn’t like blue color of the phone
  • The 5 megapixel camera isn’t good at low light and it CAN’T record HD Videos
  • Sharing your photos and videos to Skydrive, Facebook and twitter is VERY VERY VERY FAST
Anyway, here are some pictures that I took from the helicopter using the Nokia Lumia 610:

Here’s the Nokia Lumia 610!:

All in all, if you’re the guy/girl who loves to share and connect to your Facebook and twitter then this phone should be listed on your “next-phone-list”. You can easily share your photos and videos on the internet, oh and you can also tag them in your phone directly. If you want to get one, you may get it at the nearest select Nokia stores for P10,980. If you want a cheaper one, get it at Widget City
This was my first time to rode a helicopter. The experience was awesome, I felt a little dizzy but I enjoyed it. Thank you Nokia Philippines! It was really an amazing day the with the Lumia

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