Do you have a lot of Globe Rewards points but you don’t know where you can use them? Finally, Globe Rewards has now a use at different partner stores. Yes, you can now use those Rewards points to purchase different products at those selected stores. The conversion and the process isn’t confusing too. This is really an exciting product from Globe. The conversion is PHP 1.00 = 1 Rewards point, It’s not confusing and you don’t really need a calculator for that just to compute your conversion. Do you want to know more about Globe Rewards? Check it out after the break.

Globe Rewards Ambassador Bianca Gonzalez
You can avail these whether you’re a TM, Globe Prepaid or Globe Postpaid subscriber. Just like what I’ve said earlier, the conversion is PHP 1.00 = 1 Rewards point. Basically, if you have 50 Rewards Points, you can convert it to PHP50.00 worth of products from the different partner stores. But of course, there’s a minimum points required. Here’s the partner merchants and the minimum points required: 

Pretty exciting huh? I think, I’ll always spend my Rewards points on Ayala Cinemas movie tickets. It’s always a good time to spend up my Rewards points for myself after a long stressing day. Whenever I need a gas card from Petron, I can get it at Globe Rewards or when I want to spend my time drinking a coffee at Figaro.

Don’t worry it’s really easy to pay using your Rewards points at Partner stores. But before that, better check your available points.

  • To check your available points, Type in BAL to 4438.
  • If you want to buy something, text BUY <space> <Mobile number of the merchant> <Space> <points needed> to 4438
    • Example: BUY 0917XXXXXXX 300 to 4438
Remember, the conversion is PHP1.00 = 1 Rewards points. You can get rewards points whenever you top-up for Prepaid. If you’re on postpaid it’s either the 4% of usage on top of plan (If that’s not with lock up) or 4% of total billed amount (with no lockup). Anyway, the important thing is, you can get something out of your Rewards points. And yes, you can now avail this on different partner stores. Hmm, actually I was thinking of filling up our car with at Petron using the Globe Rewards points that I got.


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