Steam has been under the bus lately with some of its triple-A titles being grabbed by Epic Games Store. The most recent triple-A title snatched from steam is Borderlands 3. But that didn’t stop the gaming platform to improve on itself despite its launch title losses. On September 17, Valve announced a new look of its Steam Library Beta. Let’s take a look at what’s new.


Take the landing page as a mixture of the picture only mode and list mode which can be previously toggled on the upper right-hand corner. The main highlight of the new landing page is the Netflix style of curating your library. It also shows what’s trending among your steam friends.


Steam Library now shows the whole list of icons of steam friends playing a particular game instead of the previous +X after a set number of friends. It now shows friends who have added the games to their wishlist which was previously found on the store page.

Game Updates and In-Game Events

On the old Steam library, news listing can be found on the game library page alongside DLC checklists. Game Updates can only be found on the store page or the game’s respective website. Valve now updates this feature for both Game Devz and its players for better communication. The new Steam library beta now has a mini pop-up style that showcases either a game update or an in-game event. This mini pop-up style is similar to the news and announcement pop-up when launching Steam.


How to change Steam Library Look

  1. Log-in and Update your Steam Client
  2. Go to Steam>Settings>Account
  3. Under BETA PARTICIPATION, Click Change
  4. Select Steam Library Beta and Restart Steam
  5. Log-in and enjoy a fresh new look

Where to Opt-in –


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