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Xbox PC Game Pass celebrates one-year anniversary in Southeast Asia

It’s been an incredible year for Xbox as they mark the one-year anniversary of Xbox PC Game Pass in Southeast Asia (SEA).

Since its launch in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, the service has experienced tremendous growth, capturing the hearts of gamers across the region. Let’s take a closer look at some noteworthy achievements:

  • Game Pass membership in Asia has doubled over the past two years, a testament to the service’s growing popularity.
  • Multiplayer Online Co-operative Games that are cross-platform, such as Grounded and Sea of Thieves, have emerged as the favorites among SEA gamers.
  • SEA Game Pass gamers have collectively achieved over 12 million in-game achievements, highlighting their dedication and skill.
  • The Philippines takes the lead in terms of average hours played, showcasing the passion and enthusiasm of Filipino gamers.

Xbox PC Game Pass has evolved continually, providing players with visually stunning graphics, captivating storylines, and thrilling gameplay. Recent releases like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Ghostwire: Tokyo have captivated gamers, and the highly anticipated Minecraft Legends is now available, offering a fresh spin on the iconic franchise. Furthermore, a partnership with Riot Games has brought in-game content from popular titles like Valorant and League of Legends to PC Game Pass members. Exciting times also lie ahead with the upcoming release of Redfall from Bethesda Game Studios and titles like Exoprimal and Starfield, affirming that PC Game Pass offers unparalleled value in the gaming industry.

Moreover, in their unwavering commitment to sharing the joy of gaming, Xbox recently introduced the Xbox Game Pass friend invitation. Current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members can now gift their friends a 14-day PC Game Pass trial, providing access to a vast library of high-quality PC games, including Day One releases from Xbox Game Studios like Redfall and an EA Play membership.

Expanding their dedication to enhancing the gameplay experience, Xbox is also launching Xbox Wireless Controllers in Southeast Asia. These controllers, available for the first time in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, with new colors in Thailand and Vietnam, allow players to personalize their gaming setup and match their personal style while enjoying the latest PC Game Pass games.


Jeremy Hinton, Asia Business Director at Xbox, expressed his gratitude to the passionate SEA gaming community, emphasizing the power of games in connecting people across borders, languages, and cultures. Hinton highlighted Xbox’s commitment to improving the gaming experience in the region, including introducing new accessories and continued support for local SEA developers through the ID@Xbox program, empowering them to create culturally unique games.

As Xbox celebrates this remarkable milestone, they eagerly anticipate future growth alongside the vibrant gaming community in Southeast Asia. To discover more about Xbox PC Game Pass and the extensive selection of games available, visit the official Xbox website and immerse yourself in a world of limitless gaming possibilities.

Ciara Alarcon
Ciara Alarcon
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