Apple News+ has been announced by Apple. Basically, the revamped News app brings a Netflix-like service to their ecosystem and it is built by credible news organizations and publishers but of course, this will come with a paywall service.

Apple News+ will be a subscription service similar to Netflix and Spotify but this time, it will bring news and also magazines and it will aggregate paid content from different sources. The best thing about it? News is more personalized with Apple News+ and it is more curated.

Some of the onboard publishers are The New Yorker, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Esquire, The Atlantic, Men’s Health, and Vogue.

The Apple News+ app will cost you $9.99/month. The Apple News+ app service is now available with the first month for free. It is only available in US and Canada. Australia and UK News+ service will be available this year.


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