Apple focused on services in their latest special event and this time, Apple has unveiled the Apple Arcade which is a game subscription service for the iOS, Apple TV, and MacOS. And no, this is not a streaming service so you can play these games offline. The games on the Apple arcade are also exclusive to Apple platform.

There will 100+ new and exclusive games on the Apple arcade and the good thing about this one is you can play on your smartphone and continue on your tablet or Mac or on your Apple TV.

Apple has also previewed some of its games included in the Apple Arcade. Most of the games are new including a Zelda-like game and of course, there’s a Sonic game which is a familiar IP. There are other genres too like a platformer and also a shooter game.

Apple has announced that the Apple Arcade service will be available in 150 countries and regions and it will be available this Fall 2019 (September-December). Pricing and details about the service will be announced soon.


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