Ever heard of Steve and Dave ad on YouTube? Well, you probably did and recently, we checked out eToro and we can definitely opens an attractive opportunity for global investment. eToro is currently’ the world’s leading social trading platform and they’ve been upping their efforts in the Philippines in where they see a huge potential for their patented “copy-trading” and multi-asset platform.

A lot of us probably wants to join or invest stocks in the PSE but a lot of us are clueless about how to do it or we don’t have too much money to invest. Well, eToro finds a way to make it easy for the users to invest your money in stocks even with a few or a small amount of money as we can invest in listed stocks for as low as $25.

One of its main features is the “copy-trading” basically, basically, this will let you watch and copy other’s trade and you can start trading easily even without experience in trading.

I’m trying eToro right now and it’s a good way to invest money aside from your day job. So if you want to try it right now, head over to the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.


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