The market is filled with Huawei Y series smartphones that are being offered in the its price range and if you’re looking for an affordable or an entry-level Android smartphone then you might want to take a look at this smartphone – the Huawei Y5 2019.

Huawei Y5 2019 Review: Design and hardware

One of the most notable features of the Huawei Y5 2019 is its design. We got here a faux leather design at the back which is a trend on previous flagship smartphones but doesn’t get me wrong, the Huawei Y5 2019’s faux leather design still looks good to me and I do love it especially for an entry-level smartphone.

The smartphone has a small body thanks to its 5.71-inch display and it’s very handy for single-hand usage. With its size, the Huawei Y5 2019’s power button and also the volume rocker can be easily reached in one hand.

The Huawei Y5 2019 is using a micro USB port and there’s no fast charging capability on this smartphone and then there’s the speaker beside it and the 3.5mm headphone jack at the top of the smartphone and then there’s also a sim card tray that houses the dual sim cards and a micro SD card.

With regards to the audio of the smartphone, it will do just fine for an entry-level smartphone.

Huawei Y5 2019 Review: Display

When it comes to display, the Huawei Y5 2019 features a 5.71-inch Dewdrop display with an HD+ resolution. First of all, I’ve considered that the smartphone packs an entry-level specifications but I was surprised to know that the display of the smartphone was quite good despite being an entry-level smartphone.

The brightness was fine even when I’m using the smartphone outside and the quality of the display was crisper than I expected despite having only an HD+ resolution. Maybe because of the screen size but overall, the display of the Huawei Y5 2019 was quite good for its price range.

Huawei Y5 2019 Review: Battery Life

There’s a 3020mAh battery inside the Huawei Y5 2019. For its size, that’s pretty large and in our PC Mark battery test, the Huawei Y5 2019 performed well in our benchmark tests. Actually, I wasn’t surprised that the smartphone got a respectable battery life with a score of 10 hours and 17 minutes which isn’t that bad.

Huawei Y5 2019 Review: Software

The smartphone runs on EMUI 9 with Android 9 Pie. Again, it’s an entry-level smartphone but the smartphone was pretty snappy and the smartphone was easy to navigate. Yes, it’s also user-friendly so you won’t have a problem with it. Of course, it comes with different apps such as optimizer, AppGalllery, Ride Mode and more.

Huawei Y5 2019 Review: Performance

The Y5 2019 runs on Helio A22 chipset paired with PowerVR GE8320 GPU and a 2GB RAM. Basic tasks will do just fine on the smartphone and if you’re planning on playing games on the smartphone. of course, it can still do some games including Mobile Legends and surprisingly, the smartphone was able to run NBA 2k19 but before we got down to gaming, let’s check out the benchmarks of the smartphone:

In gaming, the Helio A22 chipset of the Huawei Y5 2019 performed better than I expected. I was able to run games ranging from Mobile Legends, NBA 2k19, and PUBG Mobile on the smartphone. The games are playable as long as you set it down to the lowest settings possible on the smartphone

Download Gamebench here:

Check out the Gamebench app here:

Huawei Y5 2019 Review: Camera

The smartphone packs a 13MP rear camera with a 5MP front camera. Well, my expectations on the smartphone are low since this is an entry-level spec’d smartphone and in our test, you can get what you pay for in this smartphone.

The Huawei Y5 2019 can capture nice colors as long as there’s a decent lighting condition but the shots are bad at lowlight and no, there’s no night mode on this smartphone. Some of the shots that I took are a little bit overexposed despite and it becomes really soft when there’s not much light. On selfies, the smartphone will give you paler colors and softer images but hey, this is an entry-level smartphone.

Check out the shots that we took using the smartphone.

Huawei Y5 2019 Review: Verdict

The smartphone is surprisingly a decent one for its price range. It might not be a perfect smartphone but for an entry-level smartphone, it does its job well. Yes, there’s no fingerprint scanner in here and the camera of the smartphone wasn’t that good but the performance and the display of the Huawei Y5 2019 is something that you’ll love.


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