Someone is already testing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in the wild as a very short hands-on video has been shared by @BenGeskin. The video might be short but it confirmed some of the features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip that were shared before.

In the short video, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was shown to be folded and it features a squarish design but it does have a tall display which may confirm that the smartphone does have a 6.7-inch 22:9 display as mentioned before.

Aside from that, the dual rear camera can also be seen on the smartphone’s back along with the mini LED display that shows the date, time, and battery. When unfolded, we can also see that the smartphone features an Infinity-O display similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip reveal is expected this February 12 (GMT+0800 Manila)

Source: @BenGeskin


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