Every year, the Philippines is hit with at least one strong typhoon and this is why the operation of National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council is really essential to our countrymen. Previous and current government administrations are always working hard to minimize the disaster and damages that these typhoons can do to the country.

Photo by Manila Bulletin

One of the steps that the previous government has done is the building of the NDRRMC’s new command center at Camp Aguinaldo which is a 600-square meter building started in 2014 and it was complete before 2016, however, the government only started using this command center last 2016.

Photo by Inquirer

The operation center is a 3-level building in where the ground floor houses the different agencies during disasters and the second floor is where the state-of-the-art “war room” and high-tech equipment is located while the third floor houses the board room where the officials views the large screens from the command center.

Photo by Inquirer

The government did not spend a thing on the construction of the operations center which roughly costs Php250 million to Php300 million as SMSGT Inc. has and foreign partners has donated for the creation of the operations center.

Photo by Inquirer

Kudos to the previous administration for the construction of this one and also to the current administration for utilizing the command center.

Source: Inquirer, Manila Bulletin


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