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OPPO F7 Hands-On, Camera Sample, and First Impressions

The OPPO F7 is here. It’s the latest smartphone from the company and damn, the smartphone is really damn beautiful. Not only that, the smartphone also has a better use of AI and it now has a powerful Helios P60 processor inside the smartphone. The display is even bigger at 6.23-inch FHD+ Display with 19:9 display aspect ratio. Those are just some of the new features of the smartphone, check out what I think of the smartphone below.

First of all, the notched FHD+ display with 19:9 display aspect ratio of the OPPO F7 isn’t really annoying. It’s actually good. It doesn’t block all of the notification icons on the notifications bar and we now have a better 88% screen-to-body ratio on the smartphone. Not only that, most of the applications and games work well on the display and was able to do full screen on the smartphone.

The construction of the smartphone is premium. It now has a glass back with a still similar design of the previous OPPO smartphones. The fingerprint scanner is still placed at the back and we still have a single lens camera at the back of the smartphone. The smartphone also sports a micro USB port and also a headphone jack.

There were some minor changes to the smartphone’s UI in where swipe up to access the functionalities are gone and instead, we can now access all of it by swiping down. The applications that are pre-installed on the smartphone is pretty much the same and most of them are useful.

When it comes to the camera, the AI is always in play. The 25-megapixel AI Selfie camera really works on this one.  OPPO has also improved their optimization technology that can tap 296 positioning spots so the smartphone will let you have the better beautification and also settings on the camera.

Another notable feature that I’ve noticed in its camera is the Vivid mode. Well, it’s not really useful all the time but if you want the colors to pop out even more but still look natural then this one is a really nice feature. There’s no dual-lens camera on the smartphone which is why the portrait mode shots aren’t as good as other smartphones with dual lens rear camera. But don’t worry because the rear camera of the smartphone is still good.

The selfie camera also packs a dedicated sensor HDR that lets you have better HDR photos on its selfie cameras. I’ve tried it and I was really happy that the HDR really works on the selfie camera of the smartphone.

OPPO’s AI Learning is also useful. The more that you take selfies and customize it, the OPPO F7 can remember it automatically and it will set the best settings and beautification when you take your selfies. Oh, and yes, the rear camera of the OPPO F7 has AI Scene recognition in where the smartphone can automatically recognize the scene and objects in real time and set the best settings for every shot. Check out the shots that I took using the smartphone:

The performance of the Helios P60 Octa-Core Processor is pretty powerful too as I got a high score of 139285 at Antutu. That’s pretty high for a mid-range smartphone like the OPPO F7

Overall, I loved the OPPO F7. The build quality is better and more premium, the camera of the smartphone is really good, and the performance of the Helios P60 Octa-Core Processor is really good.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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