Every year, Vivo has released its teasers of the APEX 2020 smartphone and they’re teasing “Vision Beyond” for their next smartphone as we can expect brand new features on the smartphone including a Fullview Endless display, continuous optical zoom, gimbal-stabilizing camera, and wireless super flashcharge.

Based on the teaser images, we can expect that the Vivo APEX 2020 will come with 60W Flash Charge which is one of the fastest in the industry right now. Aside from that, we can also expect a 120-degree Fullview Endless display which is a lot better than the waterfall display of the Vivo NEX 3.

Lastly, we can also expect a really good stabilization on the camera of the smartphone with a 48MP camera. It’s Vivo APEX 2020 smartphone will also come with a 5-7.5x optical zoom which suggests that the smartphone would have a really good zoom on with its camera.

The Vivo APEX 2020 is expected to be unveiled soon. 


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