The Vivo V11 is definitely one of the best mid-range smartphones out there. Not only that the smartphone is beautiful with its starry night colors, but the smartphone is also a great selfie camera. Actually, Vivo has been known for creating smartphones with good selfie cameras that’s why I was not surprised that the Vivo V11 performs really well in the selfie department.

The question still remains, why is the Vivo V11 a standout selfie camera? It’s simple, the 25-megapixel front camera sensor prevents noise thanks to the high number of megapixel and then there’s the f/2.0 aperture which will surely give enough light to reach the image sensor.

Not only that, but the Vivo V11 also features AI including the AI face shaping which helps enhance the structure of your face and also AI selfie lighting which gives better lighting effects as algorithms can recognize how the user’s face reacts with light.

And of course, we still have AI face beauty and AR stickers which will add more fun to our photos and also enhances them.

Vivo has truly been a leader in developing selfies camera smartphones with its V5 Plus as it featuresĀ a 20MP dual front camera, and then the V7 and V7+ with 24MP front-facing camera.


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