Windows 11 has just been unveiled by Microsoft and it will bring a lot of new features to Windows that we haven’t seen before.

First, Windows 11 has moved the start button to the middle along with the other buttons for the taskbar including the apps and widgets. Windows 11 will now have dedicated widgets and as for the start button, the live tiles are now gone in favor of the app menu and also the cloud-based recommended and recent files so you can work anywhere switching from different devices.

Windows 11 will also feature Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and desktops. With Snap layout, you can snap different apps at a different layout depending on what you are comfortable with, and with desktops, you can separate your desktop for your work and your desktop for personal usage. this will give you breathing room when it comes to working on your PC.

Teams will now be built-in into Windows 11 so you can easily connect to your friends and colleagues whether you want it for chat or video. Microsoft teams will work whether you’re working for Android, iOS, or Windows.

Xbox will also be built-in to Windows 11 and it will support DirectStorage and DirectX 12 Ultimate. It will also feature Auto HDR which is now possible even for older games on the PC. But the best is that Xbox Game Pass for PC or Ultimate so you can access Gamess pass games all the time.

Microsoft has also built their app store from scratch again with the Microsoft Store which will be your hub for everything on the PC including apps and content to watch on your PC. Not only that Windows apps will be available here but there will be Android apps too that will run on Windows 11 via the Amazon Appstore. Not only that, developers will be able to upload their apps to Microsoft Store whether it’s Win32, PWA or UWP. They can also bring apps to their store and keep 100% of their revenue.


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