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Affordable D-Power Chargers & Powerbanks now in the PH!

Chargers and power banks are an essential part of our lives now. Why? Because of our smartphones and devices. And if you’re looking for a power bank or chargers that really affordable and that won’t break the bank then you better take a look at D-Power accessories. So what’s up with these products? check em’ out below.

D-Power IP988 AC Charger station

The D-Power IP988 AC Charger station comes with 4 ports in which one of them supports QC 3.0 with 5V/6A output. This charging station is the one for you if you have a lot of devices that you always need to charge.

D-Power S-28

The D-Power S-28 is a QC 3.0 Charger and Power bank package in a single design. This charger comes with up to 23W of charging for the orange port and then there’s the support for QC3.0 on the green port. Basically, this charger supports both Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and also Huawei Super Charge. And oh, you can also use this as a power bank as it comes with 5200mAh battery

D-Power S8+ Wireless Charger

If you have a device that supports wireless charging then the D-Power S8+ Wireless Charger might be the power bank for you as it has a 10000mAh battery inside and it supports wireless charging. It also supports PD3.0 which means that you can charge devices up to 18W which is pretty awesome. The wireless charging of the power bank supports 5V/1A charging.

D-Power QA-05 Charger

If you need something tiny but you need a fast charging tech then you might want to take a look at the QA05 charger as it supports QC3.0 and also Huawei Super Charge. It can charge of up to 5V/4A as long as your device supports it

D-Power AC02 Power Socket

Here’s a kinda unique product from D-Power. This one is the D-Power Power Socket AC02 which lets plug in anything with its universal socket and also rotate it to not block other ports. It also comes with 3 USB ports in which one of them supports 5V/2.4A

D-Power IP955

The D-Power IP955 which is a pretty basic model comes with 2 USB ports that can charge 5V/1A and 5/2.4A. This is a pretty basic charger.

D-Power S26 Power Bank

The D-Power S26 Power Bank is a power bank that comes with LED display that shows you the current charge of the smartphone and also the power output. It can charge up to 5V/2.4A. It comes with 11000mAh battery.

D-Power S-10 Power Bank

The D-Power S-10 is a power bank that comes with an Aluminum body so you know that the power bank is tough and also mean looking. The power bank comes with QC3.0 that can charge up to 18W and then there’s the LED display which shows you the power output of the power bank. There’s a 12000mAh juice inside too.

D-Power S-15  Power bank

This one comes with everything that you need on a power bank. It has an LED display that shows you the current charge of the power bank, it also comes with 2 USB ports with USB-C for charging the power bank and it supports PD3.0. Yep, it supports QC3.0 and also PD3.0 which means that you can charge devices up to 18W.

D-Power GC51L Power Bank

And lastly, we got this power bank which is neat looking but it supports Huawei Super Charge and also Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. One of the USB ports supports Super Charge and QC3.0 while the other one supports 5V/1A charging. This one comes with 12000mAh of battery.


Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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  1. I don’t think they are affordable, as there are a ton of choices when it comes to powerbanks, just go to lazada you will see a ton. Xiaomi, Romoss, Verger etc offer much cheaper products than D power.


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