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Apple unveils a bigger and better iPad Pro 10.5

Apple has just announced an update to the iPad Pro line and it’s not just an update when it comes to the hardware inside it but Apple has also introduced the iPad Pro 10.5 which has a thinner bezel replacing the iPad Pro 9.7. The new iPad Pro now packs a more powerful A10X CPU which houses six-core CPU and also 12-core GPU which will be great for gaming and also for productivity.

Another thing to love about the new iPad Pro line is the new display. Not only that it’s brighter and better than the previous one but it now also supports 120Hz refresh rate so it means that your iPad Pro can now show how buttery smooth the display is. You just need to see it in person to appreciate it. The camera doesn’t disappoint too as the new iPad Pro sports a 12-megapixel rear camera and also a 7-megapixel front camera. Oh and the storage? it now starts at 64GB up to 512GB

The iPad Pro line will launch with iOS 10 but once the iOS 11 launches, you’ll be able to maximize the iOS features for iPad such as drag & drop, files, and the new features for the iPad. The iPad Pro is priced at Php36,990 for the iPad Pro 10.5 and P45,990 for the iPad Pro 12.9.

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