ASUS Philippines announce the launch of their PC DIY – Let’s Build Together campaign to celebrate the gaming and PC community. 

PC Building or DIYs has been part of the ASUS’ DNA for over 30 years – since the brand’s first motherboard. Now, PC building is made more fun and flexible due to the wide options available – catering all they need to create their own system, design and features. 

The said campaign will highlight educational and inspiring build guides and videos from the company, featuring several first-time PC builders like Lhea Bernardino, CansTV, Frances Lim Cabatuando of Home Buddies, and many more.

As an exclusive promotion in the country, customers can get up to P5,000.00 worth of Steam Codes for every purchase of qualified ASUS product, and will give away two PC sets worth P260,000 to lucky customers. Promo runs from July 13-31, 2021. To know more visit:



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