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ASUS S1 Projector Review

Before, most projectors are gigantic and they’re not so portable and they’re mostly stuck in meeting rooms or living rooms because they’re heavy and big. But today, there are a lot of pico projectors that are now available to consumers. Yep, these projectors that are so small that you can bring them anywhere. Today, we’ll review the ASUS S1 Projector, a small-size projector that you can bring everywhere.

ASUS S1 Projector7

The ASUS S1 Projector is small. If you haven’t seen any pico projectors before, you might be amazed with it and especially if you’ve seen that this projector can operate on its own without the need of a power outlet. Yes, this projector works even without the need of power outlet thanks to the 6000mAh battery inside it. Not just that, the ASUS S1 Projector also works as a powerbank for your mobile devices.

Again, this projector is very portable due to its small and lightweight design. It also comes with a pouch that protects your projector and when it comes to battery life, the ASUS S1 projector does a pretty job of staying for up to more than 3 hours of presenting at battery mode which is pretty good.

The build of the ASUS S1 Projector is made up of metal and you could easily recognize that it’s an ASUS product due to its iconic concentric circle design with chamfered edges that is also present on different ASUS products. At the top, you could see the four buttons which you can use as the controls.

ASUS S1 Projector4

At the back, you could see the different ports and buttons such as the HDMI/MHL, audio, DC Power and the Power button and unfortunately, you cannot connect your devices to the projector wirelessly. You’ll have to buy a Chromecast or any wireless mirroring dongles for that.

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The ASUS S1 Projector might be small but the viewing experience was big pretty amazing. I was surprised that this projector was able to project a very large display (More than 42-inch diagonal display) even at approximately 1 meter and this works perfectly great whether you’re outside or at the office.

ASUS S1 Projector5

The ASUS S1 Projector has a 200-lumens which is pretty good for a projector this small. However, compared to other projectors, you probably need to buy a small tripod for this one because there’s no stand included for the ASUS S1 Projector.

ASUS S1 Projector6

The native resolution of the projector is only at 854×480. That might be a problem to some people because texts and other elements might be unreadable to you but c’mon guys, this is a projector not a monitor that you use everyday. One of the features that this projector lacks is the Zoom feature. You can’t zoom in or zoom out the projected display, instead, you’ll have to adjust the projector for that.

ASUS S1 Projector2

Overall, the ASUS S1 Projector is a great companion especially if you’re an office guy or you always do presentations to your clients. It’s very handy and the battery life was pretty good. Not just that, this projector also works pretty well at home when you’re watching a movie and just connect your audio system at the audio jack. If you want this projector, you could get it for P18,990. Not bad for its hardware.

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