A few weeks ago, ASUS Philippines lend me a gaming mouse and it’s a really good one. That gaming mouse us the ASUS Strix Claw Dark Edition gaming mouse. It’s not so affordable but this mouse is currently included in the Strix gaming bundle of ASUS. Want to know more about it? Check out my review below.


This mouse is best partnered with the Strix Tactic Pro and its design matches with the other Strix devices which are really cool. So let’s talk about the Strix Claw Dark Edition. At first sight, you know that this is a gaming mouse although unlike another gaming mouse, this one doesn’t have a fancy design and materials with it.


The Strix Claw is made up of plastic but doesn’t feel cheap but unfortunately, there’s no rubber materials used to have more grip on the mouse but its curvatures and its structure is really comfortable to use at any cases and any games.


One thing you’ll immediately notice is that the mouse is illuminated with an orange LED and not the usual red which is found on the ASUS ROG logo because this one is lined-up on the Strix products. The LED also fades when you don’t use the mouse too.


This mouse is perfect for gaming because this one features a 2 Fast switch DPI buttons that let you adjust the DPI of the mouse in 4 levels. There’s also a claw-like LED at the top which lets you know which level of DPI you are. This feature is just perfect on many games, especially on FPS games. On the left, there are also three thumb buttons that you can use for Macro which helps you do more with the mouse.


There’s a software for the Strix Claw and it’s pretty good and doesn’t confuse that much. It’s user-friendly and it doesn’t suck. With the Strix software, you can customize the buttons on the mouse. You can also add Macros too and of course, use it for games. Not just that, the ASUS Strix software can also adjust the sensitivity and the polling rate of the mouse if you wanted too. Adding profiles are also featured here which lets you have different settings depending on the settings that you need.

strix mouse 2 strix mouse 3 Strix

I’ve tried it in different games such as DOTA, MGSV: Phantom Pain, Dead Island Riptide, Dying light, and many more and this mouse was great. The mouse is really comfortable too and the ergonomics of the mouse is really great thanks to its design and all added features. Without a doubt, the ASUS Strix Claw Dark Edition is one of the best gaming mice out there.




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