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ASUS Zen AIO Pro Review

We’ve reviewed the ASUS Zen AIO before and we enjoyed it even though the unit that we were trying out was an engineering unit, meaning, the unit that we were trying out wasn’t the final unit that will be out in the market. But in this rev tiew, we finally geto try out the ASUS Zennit AIO Pro again but this time, it’s the u that we’ll be seeing on the market.


The design of the ASUS Zen AIO is very similar to the Zenfone 2. It actually has the same design language and also the same Zen genes from the former flagship of ASUS. It has the brushed metal look at the back and then there’s the concentric circle design on the front just below the display.



It also has chamfered edges on the sides which makes the Zen AIO Pro look really premium. Since this is an AIO, it’s a little bit thick but the design is very clean but in case you’re planning on bringing this everywhere, this will be a bit heavy for you guys.


The 4K display of the AIO looks fantastic however I cannot say that this one has the best display than other all-in-ones but this one has vivid colors and it is really damn sharp. It’s really good to use the display for editing videos and photos. In this review unit that we got, there’s no touchscreen but the display looks sharp and really crisp thanks to the 4K resolution.


The ASUS Zen AIO Pro doesn’t lack connectivity too as this one has 2x HDMI, USB 3.0 and even a USB Type-C. There’s a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on this one too and it performs really well. There’s an included keyboard antd mouse too out of he box but unfortunately, I was experiencing disconnections with it sometimes.



The performance of the ASUS Zen AIO Pro is top-notch. This one comes with an Intel Core i7-6700T and 16GB of RAM. For the graphics department, there’s the Nvidia GTX 960m GPU. Well, I wish that they could update the Zen AIO Pro soon so that we can get to see the Pascal-based GPU architecture on this one. But nonetheless, the performance of the Zen AIO Pro was great. Playing games on this one at the highest settings on 1920×1080, I would get these framerates.




Overall, the ASUS Zen AIO Pro is a good alternative to the iMac. It is more powerful and this one can really play heavy games unlike the latter. The ASUS Zen AIO Pro doesn’t lack ports too as this one also brings USB Type-C. So who is this for? I know that most of you would tell me that you can get a better PC by just building one. Well, guys, I think the ASUS Zen AIO Pro is for the designers who are looking for a great display, also, it is best for people who are into All-in-ones and people who want minimalist desks.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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