Lisa, Jennie, Rose, & Jisoo. Yep. Blackpink is Samsung’s area now and they’re the official ambassadors of the Samsung Galaxy A series that were launched at Bangkok, Thailand and yes, we were one of the few lucky people to witness the talent of the K-pop group live on stage with their performance of Ddu-du Ddu-du and kill this love. Recently, Blackpink has also released their latest music video for Kill this love and damn, they just used some Samsung products in the music video.

Despite appearing in the Galaxy A70 and A80 launch at Bangkok, Thailand, the group just featured the Samsung Galaxy Buds and also the Samsung Galaxy S10+. They can be seen wearing black Galaxy Buds and also white Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+.

Well, it’s really nice to see that Samsung devices can be seen on MVs like this. Let’s hope to see this more exposure soon on Kpop groups. (Ehem…Twice please.)



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