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CD-R King XBEE Drone, their own selfie drone

Oh yeah, CD-R King isn’t stopping. Recently, we discovered that CD-R King is now selling a smartphone gimbal and now, we also discovered that CD-R King is also selling a drone. Yep, a drone from CD-R King that is made for selfies. Well, I don’t have much details about the drone but all I know is that the drone is made for selfies and it comes with a camera.


The CD-R King Drone isn’t really that big as the drone is as small as your hand and of course, the drone wouldn’t be expensive as the XBee drone from CD-R King will only cost you P2,380.



Well, regarding the controller and the quality of the drone, we still don’t have too much idea about it. But hopefully, we can get to know more about its model and other details of the drone soon.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta likes to create content about tech. But he also hates tech.


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