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Watch Movies for Free with the Movieclub App!

Everybody wants to watch a movie for free but of course, most people would resort to piracy to watch free movies. Remember the “Pare, Pulis Ako” videos before the start of cinema? Piracy is stealing. Stealing is against the law. Piracy is a crime. Yeah, that’s true.


So the question still remains. How does one watch a movie for free without pirating it? Well, MovieClub is the answer for you guys. MovieClub is an on-demand streaming platform and yes, MovieClub is free and there’s no subscription fee just to watch and stream movies.


“>The good thing about this is not only that there are foreign films on this app but there are also some of the classic Filipino films in the app. Not only that, there are also music videos and other contents that are in the app.


The MovieClub app is available to download from the Google Play Store and yes, it’s free

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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